rhizome has no beginning or end; it is always in the middle, between things, interbeing, intermezzo

Reading and Annotating

There’s been a fair bit of activity around the theory side of rhizomatic learning.  We have a Google Drive under an account called Rhizo Learning where we can share files.  I’ve uploaded some, feel free to add to this. There’s also an annotated biobliography there which Aaron and Emily have put a lot of work into – collaborators very welcome. Some of us have been using an online annotation tool to annotate various bits by and about D&G (including A Thousand Plateaux, eep), and having a lot of fun  doing that, and there’s the Diijo group as well.

One thing that is hard is working out how to have a conversation about the theory when not everybody is in the same place. Aras is asking great questions in the Facebook Group that you might like to check out, or we can tweet to #rhizo15dg, or add comments here.

How would you like to talk about theory?


  1. April 24, 2015    

    Just as I think this for the 500th time, Sarah, I appreciate so much your gracious and helpful responsiveness and also how you kind of gently introduce these new to me technologies in such a, dare one say, “rhizomatic” way. If you’d said oh here’s a group annotation tool we could use I might have been more resistant but presenting it as something where a useful and compelling conversation could happen, rather than a technology, had me working to figure out how. So, thanks.

    • sarah sarah
      April 24, 2015    

      Aaron, thank you. I am loving having the chance to collaborate with you, and all the other “theory” fork. It is really helping me to think about D(&G) and I appreciate your gentle guidance with that.

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